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Boosters have a cummulative time limit, i.e. using a 10 minute quickyne and then using a 5 minute quickyne will result in 15 minutes of quickyne goodness. More than one type of booster may be used at any given point in time without penalty. The booster effect is stationary, e.g., using two arynes will not result in a 20% increase of attack.

  • Big booster = 10 minutes
  • Small booster = 5 minutes

Note: If you die, the booster effect will disappear. Take new ones to gain the effect(s) again.

Name Small Big Effect Icon
Toxyne ToxyneS.gif ToxyneB.gif Target will be poisoned. Toxynei.gif
Anubyne AnubyneS.gif AnubyneB.gif Protects from harmful effects (Hold, Slow, Blind, Dispel etc.). Anubynei.gif
Quickyne QuickyneS.gif QuickyneB.gif Doubles your speed. Quickynei.gif
Protyne P ProtynepS.gif ProtynepB.gif Increases defensive power against other players by 15% (PvP). Protynepi.gif
Protyne M ProtynemS.gif ProtynemB.gif Increases defensive power against monsters by 15% (PvM). Protynemi.gif
Moradyne MoradyneS.gif MoradyneB.gif Gives you 1 extra point to Strength per bonus point added. Moradynei.gif
Couradyne CouradyneS.gif CouradyneB.gif Gives you 1 extra point to Spirit per bonus point added. Couradynei.gif
Adrenalyne AdrenalyneS.gif AdrenalyneB.gif Gives you 1 extra point to Power per bonus point added. Adrenalynei.gif
Dextyne DextyneS.gif DextyneB.gif Gives you 1 extra point to Dexterity per bonus point added. Dextynei.gif
Carbodyne CarbodyneS.gif CarbodyneB.gif Unlimited running (stamina required). Carbodynei.gif
Aryne AryneS.gif AryneB.gif Increases attack damage by 10%. Arynei.gif
Visyne VisyneS.gif VisyneB.gif Allows you to see invisible players/monsters (will not let you see Game Masters or Game Counselors who are invisible). Visynei.gif