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Name Canon
Gender Male
Birth Place ???
Strength 14 /BP
Spirit 10 /BP
Dexterity 12 /BP
Power 12 /BP
Special Skill Rainbow Kick

After living under Aguilas' tyranny, an uprising occurred that found Canon leader of Signus' rebel army. Harsh living and day-to-day uncertainty gave him a cold and hardened look. But underneath is a warmth and firm belief in freedom. Deep down he longs for the presence of the Sun to save Signus.

Weapons: Gun, Heavy Firearm

Skill Chart

Level Skill Icon Honor Spirit Required MP Use
1 Canonsi.gif Rainbow Kick
1 Canon1i.gif Sharpshoot Canon1b.gif 10 25
100 Canon100i.gif Faster Reload Canon100b.gif 80 50
200 Canon200i.gif Eye of the Hawk Canon200b.gif 160 100
350 Canon350i.gif Concentration Canon350b.gif 300 280 100
500 Canon500i.gif Snipe Canon500b.gif 500 440 350
600 Canon600i.gif Dysperse Canon600b.gif 650 560 300
700 Canon700i.gif Unlimited Stamina Canon700b.gif 750 720 ???
800 Canon800i.gif Bull's Eye Canon800b.gif 850 930 ???
350 Canon-350i.gif Mind Shield Canon-350b.gif -300 280 100
500 Canon-500i.gif Hide -500 440 350
600 Canon-600i.gif Chain Reaction Canon-600b.gif -650 560 300
700 Canon-700i.gif Nuclear Blast -750 720 1,000
800 Canon-800i.gif Quick Reload Canon-800b.gif -850 930 ???

Special Skill

This skill is only available when your DP meter is full and flashing. Characters start with this skill at level 1.

Rainbow Kick

Canonsi.gif Single-target attack at close range.

Neutral Honor Skills

These skills require no specific honor to use them.


Canon1i.gif Level: 1 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 25

Self-buff: 20% Damage Boost. (Gun or Heavy Firearms Required).

Faster Reload

Canon100i.gif Level: 100 (Requires 80 spirit)
MP Use: 50

Self-buff that causes faster reload (Gun Required).

Eye of the Hawk

Canon200i.gif Level: 200 (Requires 160 spirit)
MP Use: 100

Self-buff that extends the range of your shots (Gun Required). It's worth to note that this skill becomes obsolete once you get to higher levels (Snipe skill).

Blue Honor Skills

These skills require positive (Blue name) honor to use them.


Canon350i.gif Level: 350 (Requires 280 spirit)
Honor: 300
MP Use: 100

Self-buff: 25% Increased Accuracy. (Gun or Heavy Firearms Required).


Canon500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 440 spirit)
Honor: 500
MP Use: 350

Self-buff that lets you shoot any visible target as long as they are not behind obstacles (Gun Required). Also increases critical chance of shots.


Canon600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 560 spirit)
Honor: 650
MP Use: 300

Self-buff that causes scatter damage.

Unlimited Stamina

Canon700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 720 spirit)
Honor: 750
MP Use: ???

Gives unlimited stamina, and can be cast on group members.

Bull's Eye

Canon800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 930 spirit)
Honor: 850
MP Use: ???

Self-buff that gives 100% minimum damage (normally canon minimum damage is 30-40%), but his attacks still can be critical or not (Gun Required). It also increases critical chance so that Snipe + Bull's Eye = 100% critical chance.

Red Honor Skills

These skills require negative (Red name) honor to use them.

Mind Shield

Canon-350i.gif Level: 350 (Requires 280 spirit)
Honor: -300
MP Use: 100

Self-buff that prevents harmful effects such as Slow or Blind.


Canon-500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 440 spirit)
Honor: -500
MP Use: 350

Self-buff that lets Canon go invisible. Any attack will bring him out of Hide. Also, Canon can be hit by area attacks and other players while using Hide.

Chain Reaction

Canon-600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 560 spirit)
Honor: -650
MP Use: 300

Self-buff that causes shots to hit en route to ranged attack target(similar to slash).

Nuclear Blast

Canon-700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 720 spirit)
Honor: -750
MP Use: 1,000

A long range attack that can hit multiple enemies (Heavy Firearms Required).

Quick Reload

Canon-800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 930 spirit)
Honor: -850
MP Use: ???

Self-buff that makes all of Canon's actions (except walking) 2 times faster (Heavy Firearms Required).

Leveling Guide

For rich people with PILL or if you can wait for SS event :) R.I.P AgentGreasy reposted by myself Gymmick the crazy canon from diosa days. All this information still works fine for this Redmoon Classic server dont worry about the dex requirement in the end it will be 10 dex anyway :)

Ok this is what i've determined through my many hours of studying the game and such, and i made a strategy out of it. Unfortunately i could not do below 100 because of the monster stat changes making it very hard to determine the dex/power ratio, so if any lower level canon that went through it would like to suggest a strategy for 1-100 then i would be grateful:

Starting at level 100: Now everyone knows that the Sniper is way too powerful for any char at level 100. Canon has almost as much defense as sadad, and more power to go along with it, but he still needs to wait till about 120-140 to successfully level in downtown1.

From 100 to 150 you want to focus on getting the Astra 400, level in the BY if you must. Get to 2400 dex, and then stop. You will never add to dex again. After you get 2400 dex, you're stats should look something like this: 120-80-2410-xxxx. 120 strength is sufficient to carry pas and stuff. I dont suggest resetting at 100 and going for this because 2400 dex is exactly 200bp (100 levels). Now, you will also want to add to power during this time. I havent been able to test it, but im guessing that 900-1200 power is quite sufficient to take at least 1-2 snipers. If you can get to 900 power, then you can wait till you get the astra to add to power again (correct me if im wrong, im 500+ now so i dont have the experience with the new, stronger snipers.)

After you get the astra, add to power till 200. At 200 you will want to get Eye of Hawk. It, along with fast reload and sharpshoot, will prove to be very helpful. With it enabled you can shoot the exact same distance that a commando/sniper/esper can shoot. This requires 160 spirit. Now if you are getting annoyed at the inability to 1 hit spies, the required strength to one hit a spy is 430. That may set you back a few levels of getting to sahara, but you shouldnt go there till 250 anyways. So, thats 430-160-2410-xxxx. Same thing here, just add to power until 300.


At 300 it gets interesting. You WILL reset at this level. Your stats will look like: xxxx-280-1402-5302 And they will stay this way until level 400. You will add to strength from level 300, to level 400. At 350 you get Concentration, it gives a 98% hit accuracy, and ignores dex completely. You could have 10 dex and hit the exact same amount of times. You will want to keep 1400 dex in order to be able to run around dungeon1 and level faster.

At level 400, its pretty much the same: xxxx-280-1402-5302. Now you should be able to level in dungeon1 pretty quickly, even though your exp requirement is quite high. Dont go to dungeon2, its useless to you right now. It will take you too long to kill the monsters there.

By now you should have noticed your damage is actually going up when you add strength. It was determined by TheStrife and i that every 400-500 strength you add, your damage noticeably increases. When i get to a high enough level i will try to compose a 1 hit chart, unless a high level canon decides to do it.

At level 500, you're stats will change again: xxxx-440-1006-5710. With this extra power, you will be able to take more hits in the dungeon, allowing you to clear those pretty alarm rooms. Still dungeon2 is too long of a level, so you should stay away from it. Keep adding to strength still.

Now the big 550. (EDIT: its lvl 500 now still dont reset till 550) You get one of the best skills in the game, Snipe. It gives you full screen shots, and increases the damage. Along with sharpshoot, concentration, and fast reload, it allows canon to go into dungeon2 and level very fast. At 550 you will want to reset: xxxx-440-10-6010. Now you say: 10 dex?? Well if you remember correctly up top i stated that Concentration allows almost 100% accuracy, no matter what your dex is. Using that left over dexterity to raise your strength will allow you to level in dungeon2, and even the boss spy dungeon, because you will be able to 3 and maybe even 2 hit Combat Drones and Revertix, two very good sources of EXP. Keep adding to strength, until you get about 8k. Then beef up your power to about 6500-7000, then go back to strength.

At 650 you should be able to level in himalayas, and at 700 if you are courageous, with the new skills in hopefully at that time, you should be able to level in signus. At these levels you should be able to determine your own stats, and no longer would need my help. GOOD LUCK!!!

Here is a list of approximations of when you should go to new areas:

20: street3 35: street1 45: junkyard 65: backyard 135: downtown1 165: downtown2 TOP 185: downtown2 BOTTOM 200: downtown3 215-220: downtown4 250: sahara1 275: sahara2 310: sahara dungeon1 550: sahara dungeon2/boss spy dungeon 650: himalayas 700-750: Signus (unless they change the monster configurations there)

Thanks for looking if this helped you in any way say thanks to me in game "Gymmick" RMC 4L.