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Name Sadad
Gender Male
Birth Place ???
Strength 15 /BP
Spirit 10 /BP
Dexterity 10 /BP
Power 13 /BP
Special Skill Mirage Sphere

Born of royal blood, it was by Destino's hand that Sadad lost his parents and became a slave. Sadad, as his name denotes, had 'nothing' but hate until he met Philar. It was through Philar that he discovered what fate held in store for the future of Signus. He found his soul and pledged to be Philar's protector for all time. Dedication to what he believes is right lends tremendous strength of will and purpose, which combined with his swordsmanship make Sadad formidable.

Weapons: Sword

Skill Chart

Level Skill Icon Honor Spirit Required MP Use
1 Sadadsi.gif Mirage Sphere
1 Sadad1i.gif Soul Blade 10 7%
50 Sadad50i.gif Free Soul Sadad50b.gif 80 50
150 Sadad150i.gif Barrier 230 100
250 Sadad250i.gif Recover 300 380 20%
350 Sadad350i.gif Slash 400 530 500
500 Sadad500i.gif Teleport 550 750 1,000
600 Sadad600i.gif Lightning Blade 650 900 1,000
700 Sadad500i.gif Master Sadad700b.gif 750 1,150 2,000
800 Sadad800i.gif Warcry Sadad800b.gif 850 1,470 4,000
250 Sadad-250i.gif Guillotine -250 380 225
350 Sadad-350i.gif Vampiric Touch -350 530 500
500 Sadad-500i.gif Soul Drinker -500 750 700
600 Sadad-600i.gif Rabbit's Foot Sadad-600b.gif -650 900 1,000
700 Sadad-700i.gif Cross Blade -750 1,150 1,500
800 Sadad-800i.gif Sword Dance -850 1,470 3,000

Special Skill

This skill is only available when your DP meter is full and flashing. Characters start with this skill at level 1.

Mirage Sphere

Sadadsi.gif Area attack that hits everyone nearby.

Neutral Honor Skills

These skills require no specific honor to use them.

Soul Blade

Sadad1i.gif Level: 1 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 7%

Single-target attack that has a medium range.

Free Soul

Sadad50i.gif Level: 50 (Requires 80 spirit)
MP Use: 50

Self-buff that prevents certain negative status effects such as: Slow, Sleep/Obscurity, Cold Cell, Hold, and Fetters. Cannot be cast if already slept or frozen, but it will cure Slow and Fetters.


Sadad150i.gif Level: 150 (Requires 230 spirit)
MP Use: 100

Self-buff that increases defense. The defense from this skill increases at 1% increments with every 200 base spirit, with the maximum amount of defense achieved at 5,000 base spirit. Doesn't stack with Kitara's Guardian Deity.

Blue Honor Skills

These skills require positive (Blue name) honor to use them.


Sadad250i.gif Level: 250 (Requires 380 spirit)
Honor: 300
MP Use: 20%

Self-heal that restores health at the cost of mana.


Sadad350i.gif Level: 350 (Requires 530 spirit)
Honor: 400
MP Use: 500

Attack that rushes an opponent and strikes everyone en-route (Sword Required).


Sadad500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 750 spirit)
Honor: 550
MP Use: 1,000

Instantly transport yourself to any player that is online. Will work out or into most dungeons, but some higher level ones disable the use of Teleport.

Lightning Blade

Sadad600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 900 spirit)
Honor: 650
MP Use: 600

Single-target attack that has a long range.


Sadad700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 1,150 spirit)
Honor: 750
MP Use: 2,000

Self-buff that increases accuracy by 50%.


Sadad800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 1,470 spirit)
Honor: 850
MP Use: ???

30% defense boost, and can be cast on group members. Warcry will work only for Sadad in PvP to prevent other characters getting an unfair advantage against him.

Red Honor Skills

These skills require negative (Red name) honor to use them.


Sadad-250i.gif Level: 250 (Requires 380 spirit)
Honor: -250
MP Use: 225

Single-target attack that has a short range (Sword Required).

Vampiric Touch

Sadad-350i.gif Level: 350 (Requires 530 spirit)
Honor: -350
MP Use: 500

Single-target medium range attack that returns some of the damage to Sadad as health (Sword Required).

Soul Drinker

Sadad-500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 750 spirit)
Honor: -500
MP Use: 700

Single-target short range attack that also reduces your opponent's mana and stamina (Sword Required).

Rabbit's Foot

Sadad-600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 900 spirit)
Honor: -650
MP Use: 1,000

20% damage bonus. Said to also SLIGHTLY increase accuracy(Not sure if true).

Cross Blade

Sadad-700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 1,150 spirit)
Honor: -750
MP Use: 2,000

Attack skill that hits multiple enemies in a line.

Sword Dance

Sadad-800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 1,470 spirit)
Honor: -850
MP Use: 3,000

Area attack that hits everyone nearby.

Leveling Guide

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  • NOTE: Sadad received an area attack, Sword Dance, at level 800 with red honor. Keep that in mind when reading this guide, which was made before that change.

CC's Sadad Guide v2.2 (for RMC v3.9)

The Sadad is a slow leveling character, but will become very powerful at high levels, especially PvP. It takes a lot of patience to level a Sadad, but will be quite rewarding if you stick with it. Since Sadad does not get an area attack skill, for fastest leveling, always look for a group.

Level 1 – 50
Stats at lvl 50 – 385-80-260-569

Start adding BP’s as follows: 25% str, 25% dex & 50% power. Kill Gangsters and Hooligans in Street2 up to lvl 10. Best direction to take is to the left of food shop. Once you reach lvl 10, come back to pick up lvl 10 gear, and head down from food shop. You will kill Spies (spy1) on lower section of Street2 until lvl 15. Pick up lvl 15 gear along with food and 20+ PAS from runaway girl, then head to Street3. Stay on the left side of the map, and kill Spies (spy2), as you’re not quite ready for Thugs yet. When nearing lvl 25, make sure to go into the park area, and pick up your first necklace. From lvl 25-30, you can level on Thugs. After reaching lvl 30, head over to Street1, to hunt area between Junkyard and Backyard. With lvl 40 gear and plenty of food + some PAS, go into Junkyard. This will be your home until you reach level 120. Stay on the left side to kill Cyborgs and Spies first, then gradually move towards right side. Make sure to get 80 spirit required for free soul, by adding points you’d normally use on power. The points for spirit should be added last.

Level 50 – 100
Stats at lvl 100 – 745-80-500-1258

These levels should be done in JY. Remember to cast free soul when you see a spy approaching, and kill those first. They can be easily killed using either of your lvl 1 skills, soul blade or the danger skill. At lvl 80, there are 2 choices for swords. Make sure you pick up Falchion, the sword that gives you defense. After reaching 500 dex, the points should now be distributed equally between str and power.

Level 100 – 150
Stats at lvl 150 – 1495-80-500-1908

Keep adding points to str and power. When you reach lvl 120, pick up a Scimitar from Downtown Scientist. With your power, you should be able to survive Downtown1 with your Cutlass to get to the scientist, unless you run into a big crowd of Snipers or a Super Sniper. In that case, ask a higher lvl to help you get one. You can level relatively easily in Downtown1 & top side of Downtown2 with a Scimitar, but do avoid Super Snipers and Commandos (at the bottom of Downtown2). You may want to try leveling in Backyard to see if it would be faster, and in total safety, since no monster inside Backyard or Junkyard would be able to kill you.

Level 150 – 200
Stats at lvl 200 – 2140-230-500-2467

Continue to add points evenly to str and power. You should add points to spirit to get self egg skill during this time. The egg would not help that much with snipers, but will help with Espers later on. Kill mostly snipers until you get lvl 165 shield. You should be able to handle several Commandos after that, with proper eating. Don’t bother with gold swords, as they do not add much attack, but gives you less defense. With lvl 195 shield and Sickle Sword, you should be able to take on DT3 & DT4. Stay in DT3 mainly, since Espers in DT4 will slow you down with blind, and can kill you if more than 1 shows up. They have a nasty habit of showing up in groups and/or with Super Commando, just before you level.

Level 200 – 250
Honor – Blue at 250
Stats at lvl 250 – 2800-380-500-3000

Keep adding points to str and power. Most of these lvls should be done in DT3 & DT4, but with a group, you can attempt Sahara1 & 2. It does not make much sense to solo in Saharas, even with anubynes to prevent blind. For your lvl 250 skill, the blue skill Recover is a much better skill than red Guillotine. Guillotine has range of 1 (same as sword), and low damage & hit rate. You are much better off with using your sword to kill. Recover is a good skill to have, but don’t try to use it while killing monsters. It should be used after you made the kill, to fill up your health.

Level 250 – 350
Honor – Blue up to 349, Red at 350+
Stats at lvl 350 – 4600-530-1000-3208

More of the same… Sahara1 & 2 in groups, DT3 & DT4 for solo. You can also try Sahara Dungeon1 with groups, but you won’t be able to kill fast enough to solo there until 400+. For now, we will pump up strength in preparation for your lvl 350 skill. The 350 skills will need more dex to hit consistently, so raise your dex to 1000. Even with 1000 dex, you will still miss quite a bit. As for the 350 skill, you have blue Slash and red Vampiric Touch. I prefer using red VT skill, as opposed to Slash. Slash will move you closer to target, and RM does not always register your location correctly until you move, so you may be hitting at empty space, instead of the monster you're trying to kill. Slash also used to cause lag for some people, but I’m not sure if this is still the case. The supposed multiple attack of hitting things in between you and the target is not very effective. VT, although has slower casting speed, has the advantage of taking in HP points from each hit. The HP acquired depends on your damage, and you will not see significant amount until your strength reaches 6000+, but even the little bit helps. You will miss blue Recover initially, but VT will more than make up for it later. Also, when you’re a low level trying to level in Dungeon1, you may want to hit from a distance, instead of placing yourself in line of fire from more monsters.

Level 350 – 500
Honor – Red up to 499, Blue at 500+
Stats at lvl 500 – 7885-750-1000-4001

You will do most of these levels in Sahara Dungeon1, and raise mostly str to 1-hit monsters. Don’t be discouraged because you can’t 1-hit anything in Dun1 yet. It will get much easier as you level up. From 450, use the rare swords not found in stores, if at all possible. You can tell the rare swords apart by looking at the dex a sword gives you. If the sword gives you more than 1000 dex, it’s a rare sword. In groups, you can go to Dun2 and BSD, but you won’t be able to solo there yet. The honor I prefer at 500 is blue. I still prefer the red skill VT to Slash, but now there’s less worry about taking hits from multiple monsters. The red 500 skill Soul Drinker has short range, and is even slower to cast than VT, so I haven’t seen many sadads use this skill to level. On the other hand, blue 500 skill Teleport is one of the best skills in all of Redmoon. Teleport makes it so much easier to restock & get eggs, as you can teleport to anyone on the same planet.

Level 500 – 600
Honor – Blue
Stats at lvl 600 – 9520-900-1000-5002

You will do most of these levels in Sahara Dungeon2 and BSD. Use rare swords to get maximum attack and dexterity. You won’t be able to 1-hit Combat Drones until you get your lvl 600 skill, Lightning Blade.

Level 600 – 700
Honor – Blue
Stats at lvl 700 – 10600-900-1240-6354

After you get Lightning Blade at lvl 600, you can lvl almost anywhere on earth. If you do decide to level in Himalaya Dungeons, it’s better in Dun3&4, as things are more spaced out, and you have more room to run around. Raise strength up to 1-hit Signus with Nova Blade, then raise power. With a full set of A-Vends and regen necklace, you can start lvling on signus with less than 6k power.

Level 700+
Honor – Red
Stats at lvl 900 - 13240-900-3000-7004

The red 700 skill, Cross Blade, has higher damage than Lightening Blade. It also does linear multiple target damage, smiliar to slash, but better. Unlike slash, you will hit all monsters in path at same strength. For fastest leveling, try raising your dex to 3k after you reach 7k power (or 8k if that works better for you). With Nova Blade and 3k dex, you can run through signus at good pace, and enjoy excellent hit rate (for a sadad).