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Rare items that can be upgraded through the use of your own experience. Sunsets can stage to become very powerful items. However, Sunsets are not guaranteed to be better than Signus Rares. It takes patience, luck, and a lot of experience to upgrade these rare items.

Naming for Sunsets are based on what stage it is, and consist of the following:

  • Stage 1 = "Upgraded"
  • Stage 2 = "Enhanced"
  • Stage 3 = "Augmented"
  • Stage 4 = "Superior"

Reading the stats of a Sunset item: [Stage - Strength - Spirit - Dexterity - Power]

The Sunset's level is however many times it has been upgraded. You can find this out quick by adding up all the points together. (Don't forget to add the stage points!)

  • Formula: Sunset Level = Stage + Strength + Spirit + Dexterity + Power

When you upgrade a Sunset it will receive a random point in one of the five stat slots.
If the upgrade process fails, the item will be destroyed! Be careful.



  • The stage of the weapon is 0
  • Your sunset has 4 Strength, 1 Spirit, 1 Dexterity, and 3 Power points.
  • The Sunset's level is 9

Level Requirements

Sunset Level Level Requirement
0 - 9 700
10 - 19 800
20 - 29 850
30 - 39 900
40 - 49 920
50 - 59 930
60 - 69 940
70 - 79 980
80+ 1000


To upgrade a Sunset item you will need to visit one of the upgrade shops (Thrift Stores) in any of the sky maps (Uni, Anatu, Bau, Cyrn or Dyaus). Any character can upgrade any Sunset item.

Once you arrive at any upgrade shop, click on the NPC and put your Sunset item in the window. The amount of experienced need to complete the upgrade process will be displayed now. Click Ok to upgrade your sunset.

If you had enough experience, your sunset should have gained a stat point in a random stat.


When a Sunset item fails to upgrade, it will be deemed "broken" and thus destroyed completely. There is no way to get the item back, and it will disappear completely from your inventory.

There is only a chance of breaking an item when upgrading from X9 -> X0. There is no chance of breaking level 9 -> 10, but 19 -> 20 and so on (and every level 169+), there is a chance of breaking.

For example : You have a destruction upgraded 19 times and you're about to upgrade it to 20 (from 19th to 20th). Now there is a chance the item can be destroyed in the upgrade process.

The higher the level, the higher the chances of breaking an item. This is why there aren't many level 50+ sunsets.

Experience Requirements

Sunset Level Experience Requirement
1 - 10 66,022,979 (each)
11 - 20 113,027,579 (each)
21 - 30 178,282,179 (each)
31 - 40 264,766,779 (each)
41 - 50 306,561,744 (each)
51 - 60 368,261,397 (each)
61 - 70 Exp of a level 900+ (each)
71 - 80 Exp of a level 950+ (each)
81 - 90 Exp of a level 990+ (each)
91+ Exp of a level 1,000 (each)

Sunset Chart


Name Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Characters
Destruction SSspear0.gif SSspear1.gif SSspear2.gif SSspear3.gif SSspear4.gif Jarexx only
Sauvagine SSgun0.gif SSgun1.gif SSgun2.gif SSgun3.gif SSgun4.gif Canon, Destino and Kitara
Manus Blade SSsword0.gif SSsword1.gif SSsword2.gif SSsword3.gif SSsword4.gif Sadad, Lunarena, Destino and Kitara
Creationer SSbow0.gif SSbow1.gif SSbow2.gif SSbow3.gif SSbow4.gif Lavita, Destino and Lunarena
Measure SSwand0.gif SSwand1.gif SSwand2.gif SSwand3.gif SSwand4.gif Kitara and Lavita


Name Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Characters
Nauthiz Helmet SShelm0.gif SShelm1.gif SShelm2.gif SShelm3.gif SShelm4.gif All
Nauthiz Armor SSarmor0.gif SSarmor1.gif SSarmor2.gif SSarmor3.gif SSarmor4.gif All
Nauthiz Pants SSpants0.gif SSpants1.gif SSpants2.gif SSpants3.gif SSpants4.gif All
Nauthiz Boots SSboots0.gif SSboots1.gif SSboots2.gif SSboots3.gif SSboots4.gif All
Nauthiz Shield SSshield0.gif SSshield1.gif SSshield2.gif SSshield3.gif SSshield4.gif All
Nauthiz Gloves SSgloves0.gif SSgloves1.gif SSgloves2.gif SSgloves3.gif SSgloves4.gif All
Nauthiz Belt SSbelt0.gif SSbelt1.gif SSbelt2.gif SSbelt3.gif SSbelt4.gif All

Necklace and Rings

Name Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Characters
Majestic Necklace SSneck0.gif SSneck1.gif SSneck2.gif SSneck3.gif SSneck4.gif Azlar, Philar and Kitara
Majestic Ring SSring0.gif SSring1.gif SSring2.gif SSring3.gif SSring4.gif Azlar, Philar and Kitara


1. What do the stages mean?

  • Upgraded, Enhanced, Augmented and Superior...
  • These are just names and special looks given to your item.. so it's possible for an "upgraded" item to have better (stronger) stats than an "augmented" one. Higher stages on a weapon add a noticeable increase to damage. Higher stages on armor are said to only increase defense in PvM, but not in PvP.

2. So, when will my item upgrade to the next stage?

  • Sunset will upgrade when you get a STAGE point (the first number). It's random so there is no way of knowing.

3. Can you drop a Sunset item when you are killed by PK or monster attack?

  • Yes and Yes.

4. About how many times can you level a Sunset item?

  • Theoretically, up to 1024 times. As you upgrade the item, the level requirement increases too. So make sure you are high enough level to equip your item when upgrading.